In this article, we will find out about the sawdust selection and proceed as this is one of the main ingredients in the production of mushrooms.

The process of mushroom production on the farm

Sawdust As Materials

1./ Why rubber sawdust

The main material for growing mushrooms is sawdust, but not all sawdust can be used. You must be careful not to use the humus of hardwoods or woods including essential oils. Rubber sawdust is currently being selected by the majority of mushroom growing facilities because rubber sawdust has many substrates to help the fungus grow very well, and the price is cheap. This helps to increase profits for growing mushrooms.

2./ Guide to choosing rubber sawdust

If you choose to buy rubber sawdust at sawmills, you should also choose reputable places to ensure your sawdust is not mixed with many impurities and should be at the right size.

To ensure that you always have a large amount of clean sawdust and do not have to rely on sawmills, you can choose to produce it yourself at home using modern machinery. Logs of rubber trees and branches will be crushed quickly into sawdust thanks to the intelligent design of the wood crushers.

Process of handling rubber sawdust

1./ Remove impurities before lime incubation

  • Rubber sawdust is weighed and then placed in the mixer. Then, add 1% lime water to the mixer to wet the sawdust. The amount of water added to sawdust so that it reaches the humidity of 65-70%, pH from 6-7.
  • Then pour sawdust into a pile about 80cm high. The incubation time of sawdust lime is short or long, depending on the type of mushroom spawn. The composting of lime helps soften wood humus, partially treats pathogens, creates a suitable pH for the spawn…
Nutritional blending - sawdust treatment

2./ Mix materials before packing spawns

  • Filtering to remove garbage and add nutrition including 3-5% rice bran, microbiological fertilizer, or bio-organic fertilizer …
Nutritional blending - sawdust treatment
  • Put materials in a tightly compressed nylon bag, the average weight of each bag is about 1.2 kg – 1.3kg, use a plastic button to fix the top of the bag as a cork, and use a cotton ball to block the top of the bag.
Vào bịch
Into the bag of sawdust mixture - sawdust treatment

3./ Sterilization and waiting for Mycelium growing

  • Sterilize at 95-98 °C for 4 hours (or 120 °C, 2 hours). Cooldown naturally for 24 hours. Inoculate with sterile tools and wait for the growth of the mycelium at 25-32 °C.
  • After transplanting, cover with newspapers to prevent insects and the infection of rabies, fungi …
  • Depending on the fungus, the incubation time can be from 3-9 weeks. When the sawdust spawns start to be occupied by the mycelium, deliver it to customers or move to the growing house for harvesting.
hấp bịch nấm
Steaming a bag of mushroom embryos - handling sawdust

Presented above is some information about the process of handling sawdust and other materials by Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom.

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