Pink Oyster Mushroom has been gifted with a distinctive vibrantly pink color, unlike any other mushroom species, which left many to question about its edibility at first sight. However, not only is Pink Oyster Mushroom safe to consume, it also is very delicious and brings great health benefits.


Pink Oyster Mushroom’s scientific name is Pleurotus Djamor, also commonly called Ruby Mushroom of pink Shell Mushroom.

This mushroom species originated from India, and is newly introduced to Vietnam a few years ago. Fortunately, it is widely favourable across Vietnam, where it appears in a variety of savoury

Pink Oyster Mushroom harvested at Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom Farm
Pink Oyster Mushroom harvested at Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom Farm


Pink Oyster Mushroom is suitable to be cutivated in temperate climate zones such as Asia.

The mushroom caps are vibrantly pink , more so when young, and start to whiten with age.They are shaped like petite shells.


Pink Oyster Mushroom has an aromatic, umami smell, and has very high contents of proteins and vitamins necessary to the human body.

The protein contained in the mushrooms holds more than 20 different amino acids, which is approximately the same as in meat.

Most importantly, Pink Oyster Mushroom contains relatively low levels of lipids, no saturated fat or cholesterol, and high fibre contents, so it is a great choice for vegans or people who are on diet. The mushroom is packed with abundant nutrition, which also aids in anemia, iron deficiency and body growth.


Having Pink Oyster Mushroom in your diet helps to enhance healthy, anti-aging skin, and improve hair texture.

This mushroom is also rich in Vitamin B, C, Protein, which makes up of 1.6 to 2.5%, and the majority of the compulsory minerals to human body.

Folic acid present in the Pink Oyster Mushroom helps in enemia treatment, and is a great complex for stressed, overweight and diabetic patients because of its significantly small contents on sodium, starch, lipid, and calories.


Pink Oyster Mushroom has a very unique, rich taste, so is best served in:

  • Pork chop stew
  • Mushroom hot-pot
  • Mushroom salad
  • Mushroom porridge
  • Mushroom floss


It is recommended that our customers consume the mushroom within the same day of purchase. Otherwise, the mushroom can still be stored in the refrigerator at 3-5 degrees Celsius for 5 to 7 days.

Note: The mushroom must be cooked thoroughly to ensure safety consumption.

It is the best choice to purchase mushroom from a realiable and qualified distributor to ensure mushroom origin and quality.

By taking responsibility in only using the highest quality mushroom spawn, with added rice bran, and bio-organic fertilizers, Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom Company always brings the most delicious and healthy edible mushroom to our beloved customers.

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