Reishi Mushroom Infused White Wine Recipe

Reishi Mushroom infused white wine is considered a precious wine that has great health benefits and also acts as a valuable display item in feng shui. Therefore, it is loved by many customers for display and consumption.

1. What health benefit does Reishi Mushroom infused white wine brings?

Reishi Mushroom infused white wine attracts many because of its gentle, and unique fragrance. Reishi wine is a perfect combination between Ganoderma lucidum and Vietnam’s signature white wine. It takes only one jar of Reishi wine to diffuse the fragrant aroma into the air.


Red Reishi Mushroom immersed in white wine

Not to mention the effects of Reishi wine, just observing the dark amber liquid is enough to make the wine jar an extremely valuable gift on birthdays, anniversaries, and longevity ceremonies,…The effect of Red Reishi mushroom wine is enhanced thanks to the best active ingredients extracted from the mushroom’s fruiting bodies and mycelium, which are prepared by a special technology to preserve the active ingredients of the Reishi mushroom. Enzymes such as cellulose, amylase and protease are not only preserved but also increases the effect of Red Reishi Mushroom twice.

Health benefits of Red Reishi Mushroom

Consuming Reishi wine will not result in headaches, does not harm the liver, but has great health benefits because of the precious active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum to protect the body and immune system. Therefore, the recipe for immersing Ganoderma lucidum also needs to follow the correct standard process to be effective.

2. Recipe


  • Whole-ear Red Reishi Mushroom: 100g
  • Red Reishi Mushroom buds: 30g
  • Sliced Red Reishi Mushroom: 30g
  • 3 litres of quality white wine fermented from glutinous rice with the alcohol content of 30-40 degrees (can replace with red wine but it’s best to use white glutinous wine)


  • Step 1: Use a glass jar, briefly rinse with boiling water to dry (Plastic jars are not recommended because of health and safety issues)
  • Step 2: Put 100g of dried Reishi mushroom soaked in 3 liters of alcohol and then close the lid.
  • Step 3: After closing the lid, the jar should be kept in a cool place for atleast 7 days for the medicinal ingredients in the Reishi mushroom to be dissolved in alcohol and can be used.


Red Reishi Mushroom infused white wine brings great health benefits to male consumers

In addition, you can immerse red reishi mushrooms with alcohol according to the following recipes:

1. Lingzhi mushrooms soaked in glutinous rice wine with longan


  • 100g of Ganoderma lucidum, 10g of jujube, 20g of Chinese red apple, 100g of peeled longan, 1.5 liter of white glutinous rice wine, and 1 big glass jar.

Step-by-step Procedure:

  • First, wash the longan, jujube, red apple, drain the water and put it in a glass jar. Then, put the Red Reishi mushroom in the jar.
  • Pour in the wine, close the lid, and then let it infuse in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Leave the jar for about 1 month or more to be able to use.
  • Drink about 15-20ml per day divided into 2 times.

2. Lingzhi mushrooms infused white wine with Panax Pseudo-Ginseng Wall and Acanthopanax


  • 30g of sliced Red Reishi mushroom, 10g of Panax Pseudo-Ginseng Wall, 15g of Acanthopanax, 500ml of white wine, and 1 large glass jar.

Step-by-step Procedure:

  • Put all the above ingredients into the glass jar, then pour the wine in and close the lid.
  • Soak for more than 15 days, preferably 1 month.
  • Use them as a drink every day, about 15-20ml divided into 2 times.

3. Red Reishi Mushroom infused wine with Ginseng


  • 75g of sliced Ganoderma lucidum, 25g of Ginseng, 500ml of glutinous rice wine, 150g of rock sugar, and 1 large glass jar.

Step-by-step Procedure:

  • Put all the prepared ingredients in a jar, then pour the wine into it and close the lid tightly. Keep it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  • After about 1 month, you can use it. Similar to Reishi wine infused with other herbs, it is best to use about 15-20ml per day and divide it into 2 times.

In the beginning, Red Reishi mushroom wine has a light color and then gradually darkens. The longer the wine is left to infuse, the better the color and benefits will be. It should be noted that before use, please shake the jar to make them more evenly distributed and the darker colored parts at the bottom of the bottle are evenly mixed.

The dosage used is generally the same as the instructions above, but it also depends on the condition of each person to make an adjustment. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention in choosing the wine to soak, which is about 30-40 degrees and using Red Reishi mushroom to achieve the best result. According to many studies, it has been shown that the Red Reishi mushroom contains the highest amount of medicinal properties and offers many great health benefits.

Note: Choosing high-quality Red Reishi mushroomm at reputable distributors will ensure the best alcohol infusion experience.

Hopefully, the information shared about the benefits of Reishi mushroom wine and the detailed infusion method above will greatly inform and fulfill the interests of our customers. With many years of experience in the Red Reishi mushroom cultivation industry, we always prioritize dedication, providing a source of high-quality products that are bring great health benefits. The core strength at PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM CO., LTD is that we have a team of employees who are always motivated in mushroom cultivation, who are always creative and constantly learning to enhance efficiency and product quality every single day. Also, we are fortunate to be accompanied by great distributors, retailers and channels to better deliver our products to consumers.