Bịch Phôi Nấm Linh Chi Đỏ
Process of producing mushroom embryo bags

Mushroom spawn is a bag of raw materials that has been processed through many stages before transplanting the grain. The process usually consists of 5 main stages: Material mixing, packaging, sterilization, grain transplanting and monitoring the growth of mycelium …


The main ingredient of mushroom spawn is rubber sawdust which must be new and obtained from old rubber trees. The sawdust must be filtered to remove impurities to ensure that the raw materials are clean, therefore not affecting the quality of mushroom spawn.


Phối trộn nguyên liệu
Material mixing process

After that, sawdust is kept with 1% lime for 1-2 days to reduce the acrid and softer plastic. In addition, it also helps to control the pH of the raw materials, helping the silk spawn to grow better. Nutritional supplement for sawdust by mixing other ingredients such as bio-organic PHN, rice bran, corn bran from 3-5%.


After meeting the standards, the ingredients are packed into bags to produce embryos and each of which weighs from 1.2 to 1.3kg. Materials are compressed into bags at a moderate degree of tightness. Finally, we bind the end of the bag with a cotton button. The mushroom spawns are then loaded onto the steaming shelf to complete the whole process

Vào bịch
The mixed ingredients are packed into bags
hấp bịch nấm


Put the shelves with embryo spawns into the steaming room for 6-8 hours, at 95oC – 100oC. This is beneficial for disinfecting harmful mold, transforming the raw materials into nutrients so that the spawns are well-developed.


After the sterilization process, the sawdust spawns are then put at room temperature. When the pack temperature reaches 35°C, it is time to transplant grains.

We have different types of mushroom grains including: Ganoderma lucidum, gray abalone, golden mushroom, milky mushroom, long leg mushroom, cat mushroom … After transplanting, we, PLN Mushroom Company, also wrap newspapers around the end of the bad. This paper wrapping is not commonly done by all fungal farms, as it is time consuming and laborious, but it protects the pack from insect attacks that damage it or prevent it from growing.

Embryo spawns are put into the steaming room for sterilization


The sawdust spawns after transplanting will be sent to the incubation chamber. The incubation time is from 20-60 days depending on different varieties of mushrooms. The incubation chamber must be maintained at a suitable temperature, cool and low light for the growth of the mycelium. At this point, the sterilized sawdust spawn that has been fully occupied by the mycelium, then moved to the growing house to prepare for mushroom harvesting.

bịch phôi đang chay to
Sawdust spawns are sent to the incubation chamber for mycelium

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