It has become more and more popular in many households to grow Reishi at home since it takes only 3 months from purchasing the spawn to taking care of the mushroom to be able to harvest the first mushroom ears. The following article of Pham Le Nguyen mushroom presents specifically the time and the method to harvest mushrooms properly.

1. Stages of growing Reishi mushrooms

There are 2 main stages in growing Reishi mushrooms:

1.1 Stage 1: Prepare seed bags

Includes the following stages: mushroom spawns bag preparation, mushroom spawns production, packing and waiting for mycelium

bịch phôi nấm
The spawn that is waiting for mycelium occupation

It takes 3-4 weeks and the stage occurs at the spawns’ production site. However, depending on the weather, environment, mushroom growing house, mushroom varieties, …, the time can last up to 20-30 days.

1.2 Phase 2: Taking care and harvesting mushrooms

It takes 2-3 months from planting mushrooms until harvesting. Thus, the total time to grow Reishi mushroom from grain transplantation to harvest is about 4 months. However, in case you purchase mushroom spawns, it only takes about 3 months to harvest.

2. When is the right time to harvest Reishi mushrooms?

As mushrooms are mature, it is the right time to harvest Reishi mushroom.

The characteristics of mature Reishi mushrooms are:

  •   Mushroom ears are fully developed, there is no white border around the edge.
  •   The outer edge and the center of the mushroom cap have the same color.
  •   The surface of the mushroom ear appears a layer of brown spores, similar to a thin layer of dust as touch.
  •   Mushrooms have a mild, dark odor.

By this point, we can harvest the Reishi mushroom. Mushrooms should not be harvested young because medicinal values are not gained at a premature stage. Also, it should not take a long time to collect mushroom since after 5-7 days, there are new mushroom ears leading to longer harvesting time and affecting the quality of mushroom spawns.

kích thước nấm linh chi
Mature reishi mushroom does not have a white outer edge, and has a spore layer covering the mushroom ear.

3. How to properly harvest Reishi mushroom

It is quite simple to harvest Reishi mushroom”

  • Hold the foot of the mushroom or the mushroom cluster (from the bottom up so you don’t touch the top of the mushroom’s ear).
  • Gently remove the mushroom’s foot or mushroom’s cluster horizontally.
  • After the foot has broken, gently remove it.
  • Clean the remaining stem parts in the spawn so that it does not lead to rotten parts affecting the coming harvest.

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