Today, growing mushrooms at home has become more and more popular. The two most commonly known for home-growing-mushrooms are Gray Oyster Mushrooms and Golden Oyster Mushrooms. However, in the process of growing mushrooms, some customers of the Mushroom PLN house still encounter some unsatisfactory problems. Today, Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom will send you some notes on how to plant these two mushrooms to get the desired results!


How to grow gray oyster and golden oyster mushrooms at home

Instructions for growing Oyster Gray mushrooms at home were updated by Pham Le Nguyen mushroom on Hiep Mushroom Youtube channel.


Similar growing method can be applied to Pleurotus Citrinopilratus


Notes on growing Pleurotus Citrinopilratus and Oyster Gray mushrooms

1. Avoid direct sunlight and wind:

The growing area should be protected from direct sunlight and wind.

If the growing area is too bright, you need to cover the orchid net to create a suitable shade and block the wind to reduce moisture.

If the growing area is indoor, covering too much is not necessary. Please note that the light bulb does not affect the fungus! Just pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

Recommended mushroom growing sites:

  • Covered terrace / porch. You can buy an orchid net (the typical ones for orchids) for extra protection.        

  • Balcony with roof.
  • the space under the stairs.
  • Clean warehouse / unused room.
  • Garden with vines covered above.
  • If you don’t have space, you can grow mushrooms in a Styrofoam box (40 x 60cm)

2. The growing medium requires high humidity

Because mushrooms are hygroscopic, an environment with high humidity is highly recommended when growing mushrooms.

The more humid the growing environment is, the faster the fungus will grow. The more stable the humidity is, the higher productivity we can harvest the mushrooms.

Method: Water to create a stable humidity depending on the growth stages of the fungus. If the growing area is hot, water more (add a little ice to the spray bottle before watering), using a cloth or towel to dampen the area.

Irrigation mainly to create moisture for the growing medium, not directly on the mushroom a lot and let water seep into the spawn. Therefore, you should pay attention not to let the inside of the bag of mushroom spawn get wet, do not water them directly into the bag.

In the first stage, when the fungus has not budged, we just moisturize the environment. When the buds come out of the neck, we begin to lightly mist the buds to keep the buds from drying out. Gradually increase the amount of moisture for the fungus to thrive. In this stage, the humidity can be up to 90-95%. 

3. Opening time for mushroom spawn

Normally, when you receive the spawn, you should not plant immediately, wait about 2-3 days instead so that the fungus can recover after the moving time.

  • With Pleurotus citrinopilratus, wait 2 days to open the lid to produce mushrooms.

Tip: After cleaning the binding, you can use a paper towel to cover the bag and let it cool and wait until the wrapping paper is wet or you feel the bud has come out then you can remove the wrapping paper and keep the fungus moist.

  • With Gray Oyster mushroom, cover the lid for the first 4 days then open the lid. The next times (from the 4th thrush onwards) increase the capping time to 7 or 10 days.

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