Ganoderma is an herb that supports the treatment of many pathological problems such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, circulatory, etc. In addition, it also has good effects in beauty. Useful properties of Ganoderma have been shown to be related to organic germanium compounds. So what are the effects of this compound in Reishi mushroom?

The effects of organic Germanium in Reishi mushroom
  • Organic germanium or high-concentration Organic Germanium (GE-132) is one of the strong antioxidant active ingredients in the treatment of dangerous diseases and is also a valuable component in Reishi mushroom. Historically, a German scientist found a small amount of this substance in food, coal mines and the earth’s crust and later called it Germanium.
  • Reishi mushroom ingredients contain organic germanium. The electronics industry also applies pure metallic Germanium to take advantage of its semiconductor activation mechanism. Biologically it is possible to stimulate the electrical impulses of the cell so that it becomes a catalytic oxygen catalyst.
  • In function with human health, Germanium offers a number of benefits such as strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation, promoting body energy and detoxifying heavy metals like mercury and lead. The effects of Germanium have been widely applied to eliminate free radicals through excretion processes. Most GE-132s are excreted in the urine and cause no side effects.
  • Several in-depth studies show that the organic Germanium in Reishi mushroom products can transport oxygen of blood cells up to 1.5-2 times. Enhancing oxygen supply nourishes the body and controls cancer cells. The mechanism of action of Germanium does not directly affect cancer cells but stimulates the body’s immune system, so it is healthy and safe.
How to cook Reishi mushroom to preserve organic Germanium content

In Reishi mushroom, the organic Germanium content is 5-8 times higher than in ginseng. Each type of Reishi mushroom has different components, but most of imported Reishi mushroom products have higher levels of this substance than domestic Reishi mushroom. At the same time, consumers should know the Reishi mushroom processing method to ensure to keep the pharmaceutical content in general and Germanium in particular better.

There are many ways to use Reishi mushroom, such as cooking the whole mushrooms on the stove, braking with boiling water in the form of tea, steam the ground mushroom in water, etc. here are some of the method recommended by nutritionists to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients

Method 1: Cook the whole Reishi mushroom

Method 2: use sliced Reishi mushroom

Method 3: Use ground Reishi mushroom

In addition, consumers can use red Reishi mushroom to soak wine, brew meat, cook soup, … each method brings different medicinal value. More importantly, it is necessary to choose clean, quality, and safe Reishi mushroom.