Beta-D-Glucan (β-D-Glucan) is the most common polysaccharide located in the cell walls of mushrooms. This is one of the important bioactive compounds in Reishi mushroom. Pham Le Nguyen mushroom presents the particular benefits of this compound in this article.

1. What is Beta-D-Glucan?

First of all, let’s take a look at Polysaccharide!

  • Polysaccharide is a carbohydrate macromolecule made up of a chain of simple sugar molecules. Polysaccharides play a supporting role for cells or tissues and store energy. Common polysaccharides include cellulose, glucose, and fructose.
  • β-D-Glucan (Beta-D Glucan) is the most common polysaccharide located in the cell walls of mushrooms. This is a compound made up of D-Glucose monomers bound together through β-Glycoside bonds.
thành phần của nấm linh chi
Chemical formula of the beta-D-glucan component in Reishi mushrooms

Beta-D-glucan is often referred to as bioreactors (BRM). These substances work by increasing or decreasing the immune response to the pathogen. For example, BMR can stimulate an increased immune response, thereby activating the immune system more effectively to fight off infection. On the contrary, they can also reduce an overactive immune response.

The effects of beta-D-glucan on the immune system were not consistent across different kinds of mushrooms. It depends on the beta-D-glucan shape, complexity, solubility, size and extraction method.

The content of beta-D-glucan in Reishi mushroom is about 15%.

2. Benefits of Beta-D-Glucan in Reishi Mushroom

“Beta-D-glucans may have a positive effect on microflora and gut health through their immunomodulatory and prebiotic properties”.

 –Dr. Mason Bresett ND

Beta-D-glucans act as prebiotics (food for good bacteria in the intestine) to help develop good microflora for the digestive system. In addition, this compound also helps to improve the body’s immune system.

Medicinal mushrooms provide beta-D-glucan and soluble fiber. These fibers can combine with water to slow absorption time, improve digestion, and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The beta-D-glucan found in medicinal mushrooms has also been used as a supplement for patients being treated for immune-related and other chronic conditions. Beta-D-glucan has the ability to stimulate innate immune function through white blood cell modulation, helping to strengthen the immune system.

Beta-D-glucans have been shown in research to be beneficial in preventing cancer and cancer cell growth, especially stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.

3. Where to buy?

It is advisable that customers should purchase Reishi mushrooms containing high amounts of beta-D-glucan from reliable and reputable establishments.

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