Instructions On how To Properly Prepare Gray Oyster Mushroom

Greetings to all our dear Customers! Today, PLN Mushroom would like to share how to properly prepare Abalone mushroom (Gray Oyster Mushroom); because there were some customers asking for PLN Mushroom about this problem.

The proper preparation of abalone mushrooms will help keep the nutrients in the mushroom at the best level and will help the dish be crunchy, delicious and sweet.


After buying Abalone mushrooms from PLN Mushroom, you should cut off the remaining stem, gently clean with water and take the mushrooms out into a basket. Then put the basket of mushrooms in the tap water, rinse a few times and drain them.

Since mushrooms are harvested at the right time and kept cool from the time of harvest to the consumers, the mushrooms are still fresh. Therefore, everyone DOES NOT need to soak them in water with salt. It is NOT necessary to over-dry the mushrooms by squeezing since they will be crushed and no longer keep its crunchy and chewy texture. 

nấm bào ngư tươi
Gray oyster mushrooms 1

Method 1: Use immediately

  •   Cut or keep the shape of the mushrooms as you wish.
  •   fry and cook immediately.

Method 2: Blanch quickly through boiling water, store frozen to eat gradually.

Cook a pot of boiling water on the stove, prepare a tub of cold water (clean water with a little ice). Put the gray oyster mushrooms in the pot quickly for about 3-5 seconds. Then take out and put them in cold water immediately. Take the mushroom out and leave them cool and dry. Divide into small pieces and store in the freezer for use gradually.

However, in case of uncertainty or you buy mushrooms at the market, you can blanch the mushrooms over the boiling water before cooking without having to soak them in salt water.


Choose to buy mushrooms in reputable, branded places that grow and harvest in a closed cycle or organic growing sites.

Choose to buy mushrooms with ears that are small, fresh, and do not have a bad smell, mushroom ears are firm and not viscous when touched. The mushrooms should be packaged in sealed bags, kept cool before being delivered to customers. Because while the fungus is still in contact with the air, the fungus continues to grow and age, the substances in the fungus change the odor of the mushroom, causing the mushroom to lose its appetite and also lose the nutrients.

Gray Oyster Mushroom 2

PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM is a reliable place providing delicious, nutritious gray oyster mushrooms Vietnamese families. Produced from quality mushroom embryo bags, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, gray abalone mushrooms are harvested at the right time, preserved in cool, small, fresh, quality mushroom ears. Our products are safe since mushrooms are grown from organic raw materials.

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