With the development of society, people spend more time working and paying less attention to the personal health causing many diseases. Red Reishi is a good choice to improve physical health. Here are some ways to use Reishi mushroom for the busy people.

Nấm linh chi cắt lát
Red Reishi Mushroom
The value of Reishi

Reishi mushroom is known to have good health effects, especially for busy people. This mushroom can reduce depression, stress, break-down in nervous system, keep the body balanced by constructing the immune system. The main causes of fatigue in busy people are stress and low response in immune system. The use of Reishi mushroom can be helpful to overcome the situations.

Using Reishi mushroom reduces fatigue, enhances intelligence and the activity of organ systems, and limits the harmful effects of alcohol and stimulants.

In addition, for office workers, using Reishi mushroom also improves the skin condition, physique, limits abdominal fat and enhances the function of vision. Reishi mushroom brings many practical benefits in the process of body improvement with the ability to wholly influence to all of the organs.

How to use Reishi mushroom for busy people

Here are some ways to use Reishi mushrrom to have its benefits completely promoted.

1- Make tea
  • Grind the Reishi Mushroon into powder
  • Soak the powder and boiling water in the cup in 5-7 minutes.

This is considered as the simplest way to use Reishi mushroom for the busy people. Reishi mushroom tea is highly appreciated for its value to cure mental breakdown. 

2- Soak the Reishi Mushroom in a tea filter Nấm linh chi hãm trong bình lọc
  • Put 10gr of grinding Reishi mushroom (3 teaspoon) into a tea filter Pour hot water into the tea pot and wait for 10 min
  • Pour tea into the cup and drink
3- Boil the Reishi water
  • Use 10g of dried Reishi, 1 litter of cold water, 3 slice of licorice or Atiso
  • Put all of the ingredients to the pot and boil with low heat in 20-30 min
  • Depending on your taste, you can add Glucose sugar, honey,… to make it easy to drink. Can use hot or cold.