Cultivating mushroom species is one of the important steps in ensuring quality mushroom spawns distributed to customers. Currently, cultivating mushroom species using cassava stems is chosen by many producers because of its low cost and fast operation; however, Pham Le Nguyen mushroom chooses to cultivate mushroom species with rice. The article below presents the differences between these two methods.

1. In which step of producing mushroom spawns does cultivating mushroom species belong?

The process of producing a standard mushroom spawn includes many steps, namely:

  • Material handling (substrate)
  • Choose and mix ingredients
  • Packing ingredients into bags, each bag weighs 1.2 – 1.3kg.
  • Sterilization 
  • Cultivating mushroom species
  • Propagate mycelium

Depending on the mushroom species, packs of mushroom spawn after the incubation period from 20-60 days depending on the type of mushroom will be transferred to the incubation chamber for harvesting.

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Cultivating mushroom species by rice paddy at Pham Le Nguyen mushroom

2. What is the difference between the method of cultivating mushroom species by cassava stems and rice?

Currently, due to faster incubation time, many places often use the method of cultivating mushroom species using cassava stems. However, Pham Le Nguyen has prioritized using rice seed culturing methods because of its advantages.

meo giong cong mi
Cassava stems are steamed and sterilized before transplanting. Photo source:
Mushroom spawn cultivating by rice paddy at Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom

After some time producing mushroom spawns, PLN Mushroom realized the advantages and disadvantages of the two types as follows:

3. Mushroom spawn at Mushroom Pham Le Nguyen

At Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom Company, we always ensure that our spawns are:

  • Huge number of mushroom spores, beneficial in number of producing and harvesting times so that customers can get more mushrooms.
  • The rate of infected spawn is low, ensuring the mushroom quality.

A bag of mushroom spawn propagating mycelium

Currently, Pham Le Nguyen has sold various kinds of mushroom spawn:

                    • Gray Oyster Mushrooms
                    • Golden Mushroom
                    • Big cup Mushrooms
                    • Milky Mushroom
                    • Red Reishi mushroom

To order mushroom spawn on PLN Mushroom, you need to pre-order on hotline 0918 399 717