If you are familiar with straw mushrooms, gray oyster mushrooms, enikotake, king oyster mushrooms, you can try making new vegan dishes with Tricholoma mushroom. With its delicious taste, crunchy and sweet, Tricholoma is recently an ideal choice for vegetarians!

The golden mushroom is a type of mushroom that is loved by many customers


  • Tricholoma (Tricholoma giganteum) is an edible mushroom, widely grown in summer in the plains of India, harvested mainly in Tamil Nadu district.
  • With its delicious taste and high economic value, Kim Phuc mushroom has been introduced and grown more popularly in Vietnam in recent years. Thanks to suitable climatic conditions, soil and simple farming techniques, the Kim Phuc mushroom growing model is being developed by many farms and households.


  • Kim Phuc mushroom has an impressive shape and size. The mushroom has a slightly yellowish-white color, the meat is white and spongy, closely resembles the Milky mushroom and often grows in very large clusters.
  • Kim Phuc mushroom and Milky mushroom (Emperor) are related to each other, so they are quite similar in appearance and taste. However, Kim Phuc mushroom has a very beautiful yellow color and the Milky mushroom is white. Kim Phuc mushroom shape is elongated, much smaller than Milky.
  • In terms of taste, Kim Phuc mushrooms are crunchier and sweeter and more flavorful.


Kim Phuc mushroom contains many nutrients such as:

  • Protein (33%)
  • Carbohydrates (12%)
  • Fiber (21%)
  • Rich in minerals (Iron, Zinc, Manganese, and Copper).

In addition, Kim Phuc mushroom also contains arginine, which is used to prevent hepatitis and stomach ulcers.


Not only delicious food, and supplementing nutrients for the body, Kim Phuc mushrooms are also precious medicines from nature with many medicinal ingredients that facilitate the treatment of many diseases.

Eating Kim Phuc mushrooms regularly helps support:

  •   Aid in the treatment of hepatitis and stomach ulcers.
  •   Beneficial for the digestive system helps the digestive system healthy.
  •   Stimulating taste.
  •   Lower blood sugar, lower blood cholesterol, anti-tumor and effectively regulate blood circulation.
Kim Phuc Mushroom


Kim Phuc mushrooms can be processed into many different dishes such as stir-fry with fresh shrimp, cook chicken hot pot, cook tofu soup, cook soup … suitable for vegetarians.

Kim Phuc mushrooms are delicious, crunchy, sweet, easy to cook – is the perfect choice for vegetarians and housewives to change the nutritional menu in the family.


  • After the mushroom is harvested, the stems are trimmed, then mushrooms are washed before processing.
  • Blanch for 1-2 minutes, rinse with cold water, take out to drain, and store in the freezer to use gradually.
  • Kim Phuc mushrooms can be stored in the cool refrigerator compartment for a week, and longer in the freezer.

Choose to buy mushrooms from suppliers that guarantee their origin and reputation.

Produced from quality bags of mushroom spawn, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizers, Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom always brings to customers fresh and delicious Kim Phuc mushroom products with excellent quality.


Nấm Kim Phúc
Kim Phuc Mushroom's shape is oblong and its color is ivory-white

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