There are common mistakes in using Reishi mushroom such as how to use, the dose, the purposes is not widely known by the public. As a result, the use of Reishi mushrooms might not be effective, but might meet the risk of side effects. Here are the common mistakes that consumers often make when using Reishi mushroom.

Making mistakes when using Reishi mushroom can cause undesirable results, sometimes can lead to serious consequences. Used for health care since ancient times, Reishi mushroom is valued for its ability to strengthen the physical health, improve the immune system, visceral function, and cancers, cardiovascular diseases, … especially the use of Reishi mushroom to cure cancer has been proved certain effectiveness. Following below are the common mistakes made by the consumers:  

Purchasing Reishi of unknown origin.

There are many fake Reishi mushrooms on the market. These products are poorly stored leading to mold or worms contains. They are offered at surprisingly low prices compared to the general prices. Some consumers buying Reishi mushrooms of unknown origin might lead to the purchase of fake Reishi mushroom, which can cause cancer or bad symptoms: headache, allergies, vomiting, vomiting, gastritis, …

Lacking knowledge of the value and the use of Reishi mushroom.

As the consumers are not thoroughly understood about the use of Reishi mushroom, its value is not fully utilized. The valuable nutrients can be lost while processing. The activating elements that contains nutrient are not easily blended into boiling water. The process of grinding then boiling Reishi mushroom with water might result Reishi flavor water, however, its core value has been eliminated without using powder. It is not beneficial for the body and indigestive is among the negative results.

Additionally, it is recommended not to use iron kettle and stainless steel to boil Reishi mushroom as the substances in the mushroom will lose. 

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