PLN Reishi Mushroom- XCGT whole mushroom ear (250gr/pack)

Product code: NLCCL026

Product price: 298,000

Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom Co., Ltd specializes in providing high quality with large, thick and full of mushroom spores Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum).

Sliced ​​Reishi Box, beautifully packaged in luxurious, sturdy paper box. Suitable as gifts for partners, relatives, friends …

  • Weight: 250gr /pack
  • Preservation: in a bag or jar tightly closed
  • Expire date: 12 months from the date of packaging (see on the packaging)

Product information

Since ancient times, Ganoderma has been considered a panacea, only reserved for kings to use, because of its significant effects on the body. Ganoderma has many types, but the effect of Red Reishi is much more significant. Along with PHAM LE NGUYEN, let’s discover the effects of this mushroom!

  • Red Reishi mushroom is good for preventing the aging process. Women using Ganoderma will have pinky and fresh skin.
  • Red Reishi mushrooms help to prolong life
  • Using Red Reishi mushrooms help to reduce stress, sedate, enhance appetite and sleep
  • Support the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, people with diabetes should use Red Reishi mushroom to easily control blood sugar
  • Improve the immune system effectively
  • Red Reishi mushroom is very good for the digestive system
  • Using Red Reishi mushroom has the effect of purifying the body, healing stomach ulcers
  • Red Reishi mushroom has very good weight loss effects
  • In addition, Red Reishi mushroom is very good for the cardiovascular system


  • Because mushrooms contain spores with many valuable substances, it is not necessary to wash them before use.
  • Mushroom juice is bitter, pale yellow to dark brown color.
  • you can add honey or rock sugar to the mushroom juice to make the taste easier to drink (caution with people on the diet of sugar).