The layer of reishi mushroom spores on the surface of the mushroom ear is one of the factors to determine whether the mushroom is of good quality or not. Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom presents some facts about Reishi Mushroom spores in this article.

1. What is Reishi mushroom spore?

Lingzhi or Reishi mushroom spores are seeds that are created by the Reishi mushroom during its reproduction when it is mature.

Red spore layer on the surface of mature mushroom ear

Reishi mushroom spores contain many substances that help strengthen the immune system, digestive system and support the treatment of many diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, … effectively.

2. Things you do not know about Ganoderma lucidum spores

2.1 Shape and size

Mushroom spores are very small and light. The average size ranges from 5.5 -.2 μm or 8 – 11.5 μm x 6 – 7.7 μm. The double-shell structure is very hard and super durable, making it difficult for the mushroom spores to germinate without favorable conditions.

Spore image under microscope - Source: Research Gate

Spores are released when the Reishi mushroom is mature. They can be observed easily  through sunlight, and spores fly in the air and cling to the top of the mushroom ears to form a thin layer of reddish brown dust, very smooth, like red earth.

2.2 Ingredients contained in reishi mushroom spores

The spore also contains the same ingredients as reishi: Polysaccharide, Triterpenoid, Fatty Acid, Amino Acid, Vitamins and micro elements.

In particular, the amount of Triterpenoids in Reishi spores is 24% higher than in the ears of Reishi mushrooms (6 popular types).

2.3 How to use reishi mushroom spores effectively

Boil spores with boiling water for 10 -15 minutes to soften the crust, then let cool and drink.

The acidic environment in the stomach plus the alkaline environment in the intestine will break down the shell of mushroom spores so that the body can absorb the pharmaceutical substance.

In addition, you can also use mushroom spores as a mask for skin rejuvenation  and prevent aging.

Applying a mask of reishi mushroom spores to rejuvenate the skin

2.4 Benefits of mushroom spores

  • Strengthen the immune system comprehensively.
  • Effective prevention of colds, coughs and common cold.
  • Prevent and support treatment of blood pressure, liver, cancer or diabetes, …
  • Enhances liver function.
  • Skin rejuvenation, and prevent aging.

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