The development of modern society leading to hectic lifestyle results in many diseases; gout is one among worries of many people. Gout not only causes pain and inconvenience in patient’ life but also deteriorates people’s health. Therefore, knowledge and understanding about gout are certainly beneficial for early prevention and effective treatment.

1. About gout

1.1. What is gout?

Gout is a metabolic disorder caused by the high concentration of uric acid in the blood plasma leading to the deposition of urate crystals (salts of uric acid) or uric acid crystals.

The accumulation of uric acid in the joints is the cause of gout

If the deposition in the joint (cartilage, synovial membrane) will cause the joint to become inflamed, causing pain, and gradually leading to deformation, stiffness, pain and difficulty in the life of the patient. Deposition in the kidneys will cause urate kidney disease (such as kidney stones …).

The disease is more common in men 40-60 years old and postmenopausal women. However, with the current high-protein, sedentary diet, gout may appear earlier, correlated with an increase in serum uric acid levels.

1.2. Symptoms

  • Several paints in one or more joints. Common joints positions where gout’s pain are: big toe joint, other toe joint, knee joint, ankle joint. Possible elbows, wrists, fingertips joints (less common).
  • Swelling – the joint is feeling hot and tender; red, shiny skin over the affected joint;  Painful. These are signs that the inflammation is in progress. The patient can see that the swollen joints will be slightly red outside. They also feel the warmth as they touch the joints
  • Joint stiffness, movement becomes difficult. When swollen joints will be accompanied by inflammation that causes joint cartilage and bordering areas to be damaged. Therefore, the patient will find it very difficult to move the joint or move around.

Pain, red and shiny skin, and swelling, usually affects joints towards the ends of the limbs are chief symptoms of a gout attack

2. Can Reishi mushrooms be used to treat gout?

2.1. The effect of Reishi mushroom

Active ingredients in Ganoderma lucidum including Triterpenoid, Polysaccharide are effective in supporting gout treatment:

  • Enhance metabolism of substances in the body, eliminating toxins and uric acid in the blood.
  • Dissolving uric acid accumulates in the kidneys to limit the progression of kidney stones.
  • Regulates the amount of uric acid in the blood, prevents uric acid from accumulating into needle-shaped lumps.
  •  Anti-inflammatory, joint pain relief caused by gout.
  • Preventing and minimizing the risk of gout due to food and daily lifestyle.
  • Improve the immune system, purify the body to help the body eat well, sleep well.

2.2. How to use

To support the treatment of gout, you should choose to use Reishi Mushroom because it contains higher levels of medicinal substances than other types and promotes the best effect. Sliced or crushed mushroom powder can be used to boil and drink.

To preserve the medicinal ingredients and maximize the benefits, you need to use Reishi mushrooms correctly. Some common ways can be used right below:

1. DRUG FORM: Everyday use 15-30g dried mushrooms. Wet the mushrooms before cooking with water for about 20 minutes. Add 600ml of water, boil gently for 30-40 minutes. Get the first water. Add more 600ml of water and continue to boil like the first time to get second water. The third time is the same as the 1st and 2nd time to get water. The water of each cooking time is mixed together, and mushroom water can be drunk either hot or cold; or refrigerated as well.

2. COOKING: Every day 5-10g cook to get water to cook soup, can be sliced ​​or powdered are all usable.

3. REISHI MUSHROOM TEA: Everyday use 5-7g dried mushrooms (6-8 slices) mixed (brake) with 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos flask for 10-15 minutes. The boiling water can be added several times until the color of the broth is gone.

4. REISHI MUSHROOM WINE: Use 100g of dried raw Reishi mushrooms or sliced ​​soaked with 5 liters of wine, after 20 days can be used (each drink 1 small cup).

Above are the common and simple ways to use Reishi mushrooms, suitable for many people, including busy people.

Reishi mushroom tea

3. Where to buy?

For the treatment of gout, it is necessary to purchase a high-qualified Reishi mushroom product with authentic origin. 

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