Auricularia auricula-judae (Wood ear fungus) 150gr

Product code: NMEO0150

Product price: 45,000

PLN’s wood ear mushrooms are grown from high-quality species, with organic ingredients. They do not only enhance appetite, stimulate digestion but also help the body have more energy, and improve health too!

  • Net Weight: 150gr / bag
  • Preservation method: in a sealed bag or jar.
  • Expiry date: 1 year from the date of manufacture (see the package)

Product information

According to the statistics, 100g of cat mushrooms contains a lot of nutritional value (293.1 Kcal, 0.2g of lipid fat, 10.6g of protein, 65g of glucid sugar, 5.8g of ash, 185mg of iron, 375mg of calcium, 201mg of phosphorus and 0.03mg of carotene. ); therefore, they should have many nourishing effects for the body and treatment of diseases. So, Wood ear mushroom is not only a spice but also a precious medicine.

  • Wood ear mushrooms are beneficial in anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, reduce blood fat, lower blood sugar, and antioxidant, protect the heart, and prevent blood clotting.
  • Mushrooms from PHAM LE NGUYEN do not only enhance appetite, stimulate digestion but also help the body have more energy, and improve health too!
  • Add a bit of wood ear mushrooms in egg rolls, stewed meat soup, bitter melon stuffed with meat, meat hotpot, stir-fried mushrooms with vegetables, fried eggs … and sweat soup as well!

Not only can be cooked into delicacies in the family’s meal, this wood ear fungus has many health benefits that not everyone knows. Along with PHAM LE NGUYEN, let’s discover 15 “magic” uses of wood ear mushrooms right below!

✅  Anti-congestion, reduce blood fat: 50g lean meat, 10g wood ear fungus, 3 slices of ginger, 5 black jujube with about 800ml of water, boil until about ¼ of the amount, season with salt. Eating once a day continuously for 1 month will help reduce blood fat for people with high cholesterol.

✅  Supporting treatment of stroke, anti-coagulation: Take 100g of snow mushroom, 100g of soaked, washed and torn wood ear mushroom, 50g sliced ​​cucumber. Mushrooms blanched with boiling water, rinse with cool water, and sprinkle some oil, season with suitable taste. Eat 1 time a day.

✅  Treatment of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure: 10g of atrial fibrillation, 10g of fungus mushrooms, then add alum sugar, eat before bed every day.

✅  Cure defecation, urination with blood: dried with low heat 50g of wood ear mushrooms, puree and drink twice a day.

✅  Cough, cough with phlegm: Cook 15g sugar with 20g of wood ear mushrooms with water, drink instead of water during the day.

✅  Treatment of menorrhagia: Mushroom 30g cleaned, stir-fry in low heat and then add 300ml with 15g of granulated sugar. It will reduce symptoms of menorrhagia significantly.

✅  Relieve toothache, bad breath: grind wood ear mushroom color marjoram leaves every night and mouthwash every morning to reduce pain effectively.

✅  Cure hemorrhage: make tea with a mixture of 30g dried persimmons, 6g cat mushrooms, eat twice a day.

✅  Treatment of arteriosclerosis, retinal bleeding: Soak 30g of wood ear mushrooms in water, wash and drain with rock sugar for 2 hours, eat every day before going to bed.

✅  Cure hemorrhoids: dry wood ear mushroom with low heat, then grind into powder to drink 9g daily with warm water, divided into 3 times will be effective for hemorrhoids treatment.

✅  Anti-oxidant: Derived from wood ear mushrooms is a strong anti-oxidant.

✅  Balancing blood cholesterol level: The mushroom contains polysaccharides that help lower blood cholesterol, enhance HDL in the blood, good for people with cardiovascular disease.

✅  Support weight loss.

✅  Anti-inflammatory: The polysaccharides in wood ear mushrooms have anti-inflammatory activity, which helps alleviate inflammation.

✅  Helps strong bones: The content of protid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins in wood ear mushrooms is good for bones, strengthen bones. Patients with bone disease should largely eat cat fungus during their daily meals.

Source: Folk Medicinal Plants