Lentinus giganteus (Box 250gr)

Product code: PLN_NCD250

Product price: 60,000

Produced from high-quality mushroom species, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, Agrocybe acgerita Sing at PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM COMPANY is harvested in time, stored in cool temperature. Mushroom ears are small, fresh, high-quality, and safe from organic raw materials.

  • Weight: 250gr / bag
  • Storage: Refrigerator compartment from 5-7oC
  • Expiry date: 7 days from the date of packaging (see on packaging)

Product information

Valuable and nutritious Big Cup mushroom

With high protein content (accounting for about 32% of dry matter), containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, Big Cup mushroom is a precious and nutritious mushroom that is popular with many people. Regularly consuming Big Cup Mushrooms will help you get good health and enhance anti-aging.


  • Big cup mushroom (Scientific name: Lentinus Giganteus) is a nutritious edible mushroom. The English name for the mushroom is Big cup mushroom. Big cup mushroom belongs to the shiitake mushroom family, first announced in 1847.
  • With great value in terms of nutrition and medicine, Big cup mushrooms are grown in many places. This is a delicacy of mushrooms, has a high nutritional content and is more valuable than conventional mushrooms.
  • In Vietnam, this kind of mushroom has been researched and invested in industrial farming by scientists, and even some gardeners have applied high-tech agriculture with very good productivity and quality.


  • Long Leg mushroom has a cup-shaped mushroom cap, pink brown color, 8-30cm in diameter, grows in clusters or singly, its stem is 3-10cm long, white flesh.
  • Suitable temperature for Mycelial growth is 15°C-25°C, and for fruiting body formation is 23°C-32°C, and the most suitable temperature is 26°C-28°C.


Big cup mushroom is a high-grade edible mushroom with high nutritional value, produced in completely clean conditions, without using pesticide.

  •   High protein content (about 32%)
  •   Rich in amino acids (49.7%)
  •   Also rich in vitamins and minerals.


Regularly consuming Big cup Mushroom is beneficial for good health, anti-aging, and able to prevent many diseases.

Some of its benefits:

  •   Effective in preventing disease.
  •   Aid in cancer treatment and prevention.
  •   anti-aging.
  •   Fortifying and enhancing health.
  •   Skin beauty support.
  •   Stimulates digestion

Should regularly eat the mushroom because this mushroom produces many beneficial bacteria for the body to support the immune system.


Stir-fired big cup mushrooms extract little water, so it is favored by many housewives. Presented below are some delicious dishes from big cup mushrooms by Pham Le Nguyen mushroom!

  •   Stir-fry meat (beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, …)
  •   BBQ grill
  •   Big cup mushroom with green pepper sauce
  •   Big cup Mushroom Tofu Soup
  •   Mushroom Fried Eggs
  •   Fried ramen


  • It is recommended to cook Big cup mushrooms after purchasing. Also, it should be stored in a sealed bag, in the refrigerator cooler (use from 4-5 days).
  • Before processing, you should scratch the outer shell of the mushroom body, which will help the mushroom to be crunchier and delicious.

Note: This mushroom must be cooked thoroughly and completely to remove toxins and therefore not be poisoned as consumed.


  • Choose fresh mushrooms to keep all the nutrients in them.
  • Mushroom caps should not be black, and mushroom ears are not crushed and have no bad smell.
  • Fresh mushrooms have a fragrant savory, their bodies are firm, and not be viscous.

Choose to buy mushrooms from suppliers that guarantee their origin and reputation.

Produced from quality bags of mushroom spawn, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom always brings to customers fresh and delicious Big cup mushroom products with excellent quality.

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