Agrocybe acgerita Sing (Box 250gr)

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Produced from high-quality mushroom species, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, Agrocybe acgerita Sing at PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM COMPANY is harvested in time, stored in cool temperature. Mushroom ears are small, fresh, high-quality, and safe from organic raw materials.

  • Weight: 500gr / bag
  • Storage: Refrigerator compartment from 5-7oC
  • Expiry date: 7 days from the date of packaging (see on packaging)

Product information


Tea Tree (Tra Tan) mushroom is a high-class clean mushroom grown in Japan, due to its sweet and crispy taste, it is suitable for many people’s taste and can be made into many delicious dishes.

Since 2006, the Vietnamese Mushroom Research Institute has successfully planted a trial, from which Tra Tan mushroom gradually penetrated into the Vietnamese market. This mushroom is considered to bring many nutritional and economic values.


  • Every 100g of fresh mushrooms contains 1.1g of protein, 0.2g of fat, 2.5g of carbohydrates and many other minerals such as calcium and phosphorus (3mg Ca, 33mgP).
  • The protein contained in mushrooms contains all 8 types of irreplaceable amino acids (8 types of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize), of which 100g of fresh mushrooms have more than 81.33mg of amino acids. Especially the high lysine content accounts for 1.75%.
  • In addition, this mushroom also has high medicinal properties. According to many research results of experts around the world, pearl mushroom is resistant to many viruses, antibacterial such as staphylococcus, coliform and other bacteria, has high immunity and prevents tumors and cancers. cancer (the rate of cancer-fighting ability is over 30%).

Especially for a regular diet, it can cure nausea, headaches, and is beneficial for regulating blood pressure …


  • Mushrooms are best used as soon as you buy them at home. Store in the refrigerator at 5-10ºC and can be used for 5-7 days.
  • When washing mushrooms, do not soak in salt and squeeze out the water, which will cause the mushrooms to be crushed and lose their delicious taste.
  • Note that when stir-frying, it must be cooked until completely cooked, to remove toxins from mushrooms and not be poisoned when eating.


  • Mushrooms should be fresh, the mushroom caps are not black, the mushroom ears are not bruised and there is no bad smell.
  • Fresh mushrooms are tasty and aromatic. They have sweet crispy taste from the mushrooms, held firmly in the hand, not viscous.

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Produced from quality mushroom spawn, with the addition of rice bran, bio-organic fertilizers, Tra Tan mushrooms at PHAM LE NGUYEN Mushrooms are harvested at the right time, kept cool. The mushrooms are small, fresh, and of good quality , while ensuring safety from organic raw materials.