Pleurotus citrinopilratus – Box 200gr

Product code: PLN_NHK200

Product price: 31,250

Produced from high-quality mushroom species, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, Agrocybe acgerita Sing at PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM COMPANY is harvested in time, stored in cool temperature. Mushroom ears are small, fresh, high-quality, and safe from organic raw materials.

  • Weight: 200gr / bag
  • Storage: Refrigerator compartment from 5-7oC
  • Expiry date: 7 days from the date of packaging (see on packaging)

Product information

Golden mushroom contains a lot of protein equivalent to the protein content of fish meat, rich in minerals, so it is good for health.


Golden Oyster Mushroom, also known as corn mushrooms. The mushroom’s stem is white, and the mushroom’s cap is golden yellow. The mushroom often grows in clusters. They are of high nutritional value. The mushroom body grows straight, and the mushroom’s ears gradually decrease from above. The mushroom cap is curled and round, the flesh is thick and the mushrooms have a mild aroma.


  • Golden Oyster Mushrooms contain a lot of protein equivalent to those of fish meat, rich in minerals and therefore very good for health. There are amino acids such as tryptophan, lysine and B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, and also many rare minerals like selenium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus.
  • The mushrooms are beneficial for enhancing kidney function, so it is very good for men, especially those with low energy.


Golden Oyster Mushroom is easy to prepare and cooked into many different delicious dishes. They can be stir-fried with vegetables, or meat, and can be used as salads, put in soup or deep-fried …

After processing (by heat), the mushrooms will turn from its natural yellow color into paler ones.

  • Stir-fry Golden Mushrooms with Chicken Breasts
  • Golden mushroom with young rib soup
  • Golden mushroom spring rolls
  • Golden mushroom fried noodles
  • Deep-fried Golden Mushroom…



  • Golden Oyster Mushrooms are best used right after purchasing. If mushrooms are stored in a sealed bag in the compartment cooler, they can be used within 5-7 days. Alternatively, you can blanch in boiling water with a little salt and store in the freezer and the expiration period is 30 days.
  • When cleaning the mushrooms, do not soak the salt and squeeze the water dry, otherwise it will crush the mushrooms and lose the taste of the mushrooms.
  • While being cooked, the mushroom should be fully cooked to avoid food poisoning from toxins.


  • Golden Oyster mushrooms should be fresh so that nutrients are fully retained.
  • Mushrooms are fresh, the mushroom caps are not black, the mushroom ears are not crushed and the mushrooms should not be stinky.
  • Fresh mushrooms should be tasty and aromatic. Also, they should be firmly, not viscous.

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Produced from high quality mushroom spawn, supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, Golden Oyster Mushrooms at PHAM LE NGUYEN MUSHROOM are harvested at the right time, preserved in cool atmosphere. The mushrooms’ ears are small, fresh, and of high quality. Mushrooms are ensured in terms of safety since they are grown from raw organic materials.

Golden Oyster Mushrooms