Institute of Hereditary’s Reishi Mushroom – Sliced (500g box)

Product code: XCDT1467

Product price: 753,000

Reishi mushroom (Institute of Hereditary’s species) contains an exceedingly high content of Triterpenoid compounds compared to its other species. This great advantage gives the Japanese Reishi Mushroom its potent ability to support medical treatment.

  • Net weight: 500 gram/ box
  • Preservation method: In tightly closed zipper bag or jar
  • Expiry date: 12 months from the date of manufacture (see on packaging)

Product information

1. Health Benefits Of The Institute Of Hereditary’s Reishi Mushroom:

This Reishi Mushroom species contains high medicinal properties so it brings tremendous benefits to the human health, which are:

  • Effectively strengthen the immune system against viral infections.
  • Stabilize blood pressure and prevent heart diseases.
  • Support the coordination system and promote deep sleep, deep work and de-stress.
  • Prevent the stomach from bacterial infection and frequent stomach aches.
  • Especially helpful to be used for patients under cancer treatment to minimize the spread of tumour.
  • Help purify the liver and prevent liver diseases such as Hepatitis, Steatosis, and Cirrhosis.

Institute of Hereditary’s Reishi Mushroom has an intense bitter taste, and provides a distinctive dark red colored liquid when immersed in boiled water. It is suitable to be used by elders, people with chronic diseases, patients under radiation treatment and patients with respiratory, cardiac, and digestive diseases.

2. Who Should Not Consume Reishi Mushroom?

  • Prior to medical surgeries and people who are newly recovered from minor and major surgeries.
  • People who experience frequent dizziness and nausea.
  • People who are allergic to any fungal or mushroom product.

***Extra consideration is advised to be taken for consumers who have low blood pressure: Because Reishi Mushroom is known for its blood-pressure-stabilising function, consumers with low blood pressure are recommended to start from a lower-dose intake of Reishi mushroom and gradually increase it. Instead you can switch to our less bitter Reishi mushroom alternatives.

3. Consumption Methods:

In order to preserve the medicinal properties and maximize the mushroom’s potency, methods of preparation are suggested below:

  • Use as medicines: Prepare 15-30 grams of dried Reishi mushroom a day. Slightly wet the mushroom using lukewarm water 20 minutes prior to the boiling process. After that, add 600ml of drinking water into a pot, add the prepared mushroom and boil at low temperature for 30-40 minutes. This is the first batch. Store the drink made from the first batch, then add another 600ml of drinking water to the same pot and boil to make the second, and then the third batch. You can mix the liquid from all 3 batches and drink them together or feel free to drink them separately. Store in the refrigerator if you want to save the drink for later.
  • Use as soup: Use the liquid made in the first method to cook sweet or savoury soups as your likings.
  • Use as tea: Prepare 5-7 grams of dried mushroom (about 6 to 8 slices) and add 500ml of boiling water. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then enjoy!
  • Make Reishi wine: Immerse 100 grams of dried mushroom in 5 litres of white wine. The wine will be ready after 20 days.
  • Skincare: Shift the dried mushrooms to obtain the smooth, powdery mushroom spores. Use 3-5 grams of this powder and mix with egg whites, honey or yoghurt until well combined. Spread a thin layer of this concoction directly onto the face and leave it there for 25-30 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 


Things to note before consuming Reishi Mushroom: 

  • Use it before your meals or when you’re still hungry. Drink a lot of water to speed up the detoxification function of the mushroom. Frequent urination after consuming the mushroom indicates that the mushroom’s potency had been utilized. 
  • Licorice, Chinese apples, Honey or Stevia can be added to the mushroom drink to make it less bitter without affecting its medicinal properties. 
  • Vitamin C is advised to be used as a supplement to the mushroom drink.