Embryos of Pleurotus Abaronus

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The package of Embryos of Pleurotus Abaronus is supplemented with rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer, etc. so that growers can harvest big, healthy and quality mushroom ears.

  • Net Weight: 1.2kg – 1.3kg / bag
  • Prepared spawn
  • Orders from 5000 bags will be delivered to site

Product information

Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom One Member Limited Liability Company specializes in supplying bags of Embryos of Pleurotus Abaronus using rubber sawdust (has been tested for heavy metal residues) mixed with appropriate nutrition, ensuring:

✅ Fungus smell is clean, quality, easy to use, easy to take care.

✅ The bag of mushroom species is supplemented with various kinds, rice bran, bio-organic fertilizer … helping growers to harvest large, healthy, clean, quality and nutritious mushroom ears.

✅ Ensure safety from organic raw materials.

In addition, you can also enjoy the following preferences when choosing to buy mushroom species at Mushroom Pham Le Nguyen:

✅ Get advice, instructions on how to grow, care, and harvest mushrooms properly, FREE.

✅ Consult, guide to build mushroom growing houses if required, FREE.

✅ Assist in consulting other issues of growing mushrooms depending on customer’s needs, FREE.

Select mushroom species at Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom to be consulted and get the best support! We supply the bulk of mushroom species to customers in need.

Embryos of Pleurotus Abaronus 1
Embryos of Pleurotus Abaronus 2