If you purchased the mushroom spawn and are about to harvest mushrooms for the very first time, the article presented below by Pham Le Nguyen mushroom is a necessity. We introduce some tips about how to properly harvest gray oyster mushroom and how to clean the top of mushroom

1. How to grow oyster mushrooms at home

Instructions on how to grow oyster mushrooms at home have been updated on the “Hiệp nấm” Youtube channel.

Clip on the link below for more information

After a period of 8-10 days from the start of planting, you should begin to harvest the first batch of mushrooms.

Do you know how to properly harvest mushrooms?

2. How to harvest oyster mushrooms

2.1 It is advisable after mushrooms become too big and too much

The most appropriate time to harvest is when the mushroom ears have come out and grown 5-7 cm from the mouth of the mushroom spawn and the size of the mushroom cap is not more than 5cm.


In the process of growing mushrooms, mushroom spawn weighing 1.1 – 1.2 kg has included nutrients for many successive growing cycles. If mushrooms are harvested as they become big and too much, it will affect the quality of the mushroom for the next batch and the yield will be much lower.

Harvesting the mushrooms at the right time will help the mushroom ears become thicker and firmer. The mushroom ears also won’t tear during transport (if you harvest the mushrooms for sale).

2.2. It is advisable to remove all the foot of mushrooms

As mushrooms are mature enough, they can fully develop into big mushrooms or large clusters of mushrooms. At this stage, it is necessary to harvest mushroom clusters including their feet. Breaking mushroom stems at the top of mushroom spawns or leaving remaining roots are common mistakes of first-time growers adversely affecting the next crop.

So how can I harvest all the mushrooms?

  • Step 1: Hold the top of the spawn, grab the mushroom clusters in the palm of your hand. Be careful not to squeeze too tightly because it can easily break the fungus.
  • Step 2: Gently remove the mushrooms from the top of the mushroom vertically. If mushrooms are not removed yet, try to remove them horizontally. Stop as the foot of mushrooms are completely removed. Do not pull out because the foot of mushrooms in spawns will be removed as well.
  • Step 3: Pull out the whole mushroom cluster, including the foot of mushrooms.

Choosing the right time to harvest mushrooms to ensure the mushroom quality and the quality of the next crop.

2.3 How to clean the top of mushroom spawn after harvesting mushrooms

After the mushroom is harvested, there remains a part of the mushroom foot or some small undeveloped mushrooms. It is advisable to remove all of these parts since they will rot the bad or cause mold or attract insects which damage the spawns.


Use clean stainless steel tablespoons (choose ones that are thin and light). Put the bottom of the spoon into the bag’s top and circle around the spawn to remove the remaining parts.


  • Do not dig into the sawdust part during cleaning. The purpose is to remove the remaining parts of mushroom
  • Close the spawn immediately after to prevent insects.

Clean the top of the spawn after harvesting the mushrooms

Mentioned-above are some experiences from Pham Le Nguyen Mushroom for gray oyster harvesting.


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